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Adcrocuta eximia by Leogon
Adcrocuta eximia
An A.eximia in the plains of Eurasia.
Adcrocuta is an extinct genus of the family Hyaenidae that lived during the Miocene period.Adcrocuta is considered to be a sister taxa to Crocuta,to which modern spotted hyenas belong.they were stocky carnivores with robust limbs.
I hope you like this interesting bone-cracking hyena:-)
Metailurus major by Leogon
Metailurus major
A M.major in late Miocene rainforests of Eurasia sniffing the urine sprays on shrubs to find his domain borders.
Metailurus is a genus of false saber-toothed cat of the family Felidae, belonging to the tribe Metailurini, which occurred in Asia and Africa during the Miocene and Pliocene.
Metailurus is known as a "false sabertooth" cat because, instead of true saberteeth, it has a cross between long, flat and blade-like saberteeth and the shorter cone-shaped teeth of modern-day felines. The canines are longer than even the Clouded Leopard but significantly shorter than true saber teeth and more conical than bladed. Due to the fragmentary nature of Metailurus fossils, the number of species is subject to debate.(…)
The average size of the species was smaller than Dinofelis,about the size of a small leopard or a big lynx.
Homotherium venezuelensis by Leogon
Homotherium venezuelensis
A Homotherium venezuelensis patrolling on the riverbanks.
H. venezuelensis is an extinct feline species belonging to the genus Homotherium and Machairodontinae subfamily, discovered in eastern Venezuelan Government.It lived about 2.5 million years. it is famous as the first species of this genus discovered in South America.
This scimitar cat was about 2.1 meters long and weighed about 250 kg, though some conservative estimates indicate that H. venezuelensis had a shoulder height of 100 cm and a weight of between 100 and 150 kg.
Panthera leo spelaea by Leogon
Panthera leo spelaea
A Cave Lion coming cautiously out of it's den,somewhere in Pleistocene Northern Eurasia...
Panthera leo spelaea or P. spelaea, commonly known as the European or Eurasian cave lion, is an extinct subspecies of lion. It is known from fossils and many examples of prehistoric art.This cat may have been around 8%-10% bigger than modern lions and smaller than the earlier cave lion subspecies Panthera leo fossilis or the relatively larger American lion (Panthera leo atrox).(More at…)

I hope you like this famous big cat and I would be pleased to know your point of views about it:-)
Libralces gallicus by Leogon
Libralces gallicus
A Libralces gallicus wandering in the Pliocene French forests.
Libralces was a genus of Eurasian deer that lived during the Pliocene period. The genus' main claim to fame are their 2+ meter wide antlers, comparable in size with those of Megaloceros. Fossils of Libralces have been found from France to Tajikistan with best known the French L. gallicus. According to Jordi Agustí, Libracles was the ancestor of Megaloceros, though, most other authorities regard it as a relative of moose, Alces. In the Pleistocene, there were three genera of Holarctic moose-like deer — Cervalces, Alces, and Libralces. In contrast to modern Alces, the Villafranchian Libralces gallicus had very long-beamed, small-palmed antlers and a generalized skull with moderately reduced nasals; the Nearctic Cervalces had longer nasals and more complex antlers than Libralces. Azzaroli 1953 added Alces latiforns to Libralces, but this position has been challenged.(…).
I hope you like this majestic deer:-)
Today,I received a note from a "Chickenshit" which names "Itself' a "Handicraft of Great Spirit"...
I call him "Chickenshit" becaust he doesn't have the guts to listen the answer of his nonsense,and hides himself behind a blocked wall.:-)

It's what he has sent to me:
"I don't believe 'myths', YOU do. All science is is a theory, thats made up stuff accepted as truth aka myth only theres little reason to believe in science over religion for the truly educated who can see nothing is truly provable in science tis merely theory accepted as fact after so long yet those theories are almost always proven wrong or altered in some way. No reason to have faith in that shit. Science requires more faith than ANY religion. I know we were created here in Turtle Island by the Great Spirit. All the rest of you however, I do believe were made from monkeys by the Dark One to spoil the Great Spirits work yet the Great Spirit attempted to reach out to you people and guide you hence why he sent the rest of you 3 prophets named Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed yet you all altered their words under guidance of the Dark One and refused to listen to the Great Spirit, came over here and killed most of the Great Spirit's people, thats why the Great Spirit turned his back on the world now, its all because of the servants of the Dark One and you might claim not to believe in him either but your science worship (as it requires more faith than a religion it IS worship) is merely his tool and helper he uses like an antichrist to have you d his will.

Furthermore, the few scientists who actually try to do it right have proven we were here as People with our culture already by the time you monkeys supposedly evolved into monkey men. Too bad the racist bastards destroyed all the evidence except a list of the stuff originally found, signed by many men present at discovery. Scientists are all racist bastards always looking for a way to set themselves up as gods and down everyone else and always trying to put us past the standard of an animal even lower than bacteria like choosing the name Native American for us only to confuse the rest of the world so they can take what little we have left as a Native American is really one descended from settlers of the original 13 colonies. We don't want to be called those bastards as we're not yet they refuse to allow us calling ourselves Indians, American Indians, First People, First Nations or anything else. They're back to calling us animals and blaming us for most of the world's probs when mainly it is they who are responsible like the gay black scientist in Africa screwing monkeys getting AIDS for the first time and spreading to the world, like all the pollution caused by THEIR inventions yet they blame the world instead of taking responsibility and looking for a proper way to do things. But then again we foresaw all this and warned and warned you People but we were told we were backward savage uncivilized animals for not sucking gay Greco-Roman ass and worshiping it like the Eurocentrics and all who share their values whether they know it or not. Yet in the 70s they finally 'discovered' everything is connected like we knew from the beginning as the Great Spirit told us himself. Yet we are backward and believe in 'myths'? If you want to believe that shit there are plenty of science worshiping groups go find one of them. Its time we go our own ways. FYI, I don't need dA friends nor do I want them."

His ID is "TsalagiMahariel" BTW...

My answer to him:

You say you are fed up with racism but you insult other races like Africans and Europeans.
What genetic shows by documents and proofs -not round the fire stories- is that all you "Native Americans" are descended from a group which entered Americas from Asia.
Whether you like it or not,None of your Myths are more believable than Old world prophets and their stories of Adam and Eve.
If you were some extraordinary race,you'd never accept that shameful defeat against European intruders.Before that you were the slaves of Kukulkan priests or your Great spirit shamans,killing each other,and afterwards you underwent the slavery of the Jehovah's believers.I don't see anything in this to be proud of.It's too, is part of evolution though,weak nations fade away by the storm of stronger.
Your people too are,a descendant of an ancestor common with CHIMPS.Yes,you too are a Great Ape stuck in Americas for that matter!
You insult science,yet you use the same computer and network which is an achievement of science not your great spirit's creation or any other religions' to communicate with us "Monkeys"! I wonder why you don't just sit and sweat your ass with that smoke signal system of your "Race"!"


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