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Megacerops robustus by Leogon
Megacerops robustus
Megacerops robustus (Brontops robustus) was one of the most iconic mammals of Eocene.Despite resembling Rhinos,they were not closely related to them. Actually they were closer to horses than was larger than any living rhinoceros: the living animal easily approached the size of the African forest elephant, the third largest land animal today. It stood about 2.5 m and they could weigh up to 3.5 tons.
Reconstruction based on a skeleton picture,altered where needed in PS CS6.
Waiting for your point of views... :-)

I revised this work just recently,and changed the animals appearance.In fact I wasn't satisfied with the first one at all:-(
And who knows?Perhaps they had their own ox-pecker birds!;P
Prodeinotherium bavaricum by Leogon
Prodeinotherium bavaricum
Prodeinotherium is an extinct representative of the family Deinotheriidae that lived in Africa, Europe, and Asia in the early and middle Miocene. Prodeinotherium was first named in 1930, meaning "before terrible beast", but soon after the only species in it, P. hungaricum, was reassigned to Deinotherium. During the 1970s however, the two genera were once again separated, with Prodeinotherium diagnosed to include Deinotherium bavaricum (=P. hungaricum), Deinotherium hobleyi, and Deinotherium pentapotamiae, which were separated based on geographic location. The three species are from Europe, Africa, and Asia respectively. However, because of usage of few characters to separate them, there may have been only one species, P. bavaricum, or many more species, including P. cuvieri, P. orlovii, and P. sinense.(more at…)

Anyway,I created this one in PS cc2014 totally.I hope you like it...:-)
Machairodus by Leogon
A Machairodus giganteus reclining in the shadows of forest trees to protect himself of the Miocene warm sunny days, yet he is alerted by the presence of probable threats...however,with their huge size a few animals could pose a peril on them.They were one of the largest Machirodontine cats of all eras.

As always I reconstructed the Machairodus in Artrage4, then introduced it to the back and foreground in PS CS6.I hope you like it. 
Mesohippus-barbouri by Leogon
Mesohippus(Middle horse) was a common form of early horse in Eocene and Oligocene of North America.It was a little horse,just 60 cm tall,and it was the first Three toed horse.
Reconstruction done by Artrage 4 and PS CS6. I hope you enjoy it:-)
Stegodon-huanghoensis by Leogon
A stegodon on the riverbank,somewhere in China.I think the S.huanghoensis and S.zdansky are actually one species.

Stegodon (meaning "roofed tooth"), is a genus of the extinct subfamily Stegodontinae of the order Proboscidea. It was assigned to the family Elephantidae (Abel, 1919), but has also been placed in Stegodontidae (R. L. Carroll, 1988). Stegodonts were present from 11.6 mya to late Pleistocene, with unconfirmed records of regional survival until 4,100 years ago. Fossils are found in Asian and African strata dating from the late Miocene. They lived in large parts of Asia East and Central Africa and North America during the Pleistocene.(
Hope you like this old fashioned heffalump!:D
Today,I celebrate my 400th watcher!! not a bad "friends list" in less than 2 years...I really feel honored to be beside you,a member of Great DA!:D


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Daikaiju-fanboy Featured By Owner 19 hours ago… New artcall for our next two prehistoric matchups including one right up your ally. One of the fights is a clash of mammalian predators, Thylacosmlius atrox vs Thylacoleo carnifex, and we were wondering if you could do a depiction of these two fighting. It will be featured on the September 12th episode of the podcast. 
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Well,never made a marsupial before.Let me do some search and see whether I can find any good resources on this two.
Daikaiju-fanboy Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
That will be pretty easy both on this website and offsite even in google. Lizardman22 has taken photos of Thylacoleo on exhibit in the museums of Australia where he's from. 
Leogon Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I've found some decent pics of Thylacoleo skeleton,but still I'm looking for a work-able photo of Thylacosmilus.The animal's skull is everywhere on the net,but it seems the full skeleton is so scarce!
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