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Oxyaena lupina by Leogon
Oxyaena lupina
An O.lupina wandering in the Eocene forests of North America,Looking for some little bird to hunt...
Oxyaena ("Sharp" or "Drawn-out" + hyena) is an extinct genus of oxyaenid mammal from the latest Paleocene to early Eocene of North America (most specimens being found in Colorado). The species were superficially cat or wolverine-like, with a flexible body 1 metre (3.3 ft) long, and short limbs. Restoration of Oxyaena lupina Oxyaena had a broad, low skull (20 cm. long) with a long facial part and a massive lower jaw, while its body and tail were long and its five-toed limbs were short. Often compared to martens or cats, the Oxyaenids tended to have long bodies and tails with short legs. They most likely relied on their sight and hearing for hunting. Unlike true cats, Oxyaena was plantigrade, treading on the whole surface of its soles. It is presumed that Oxyaena was a leopard-like predator that could climb trees in search of prey.(
American lion vs Smilodon populator by Leogon
American lion vs Smilodon populator
Well,well well...
It's the beginning of a clash,still no bloodshed,but "There will be blood"!the two giants were both extremely territorial,both the same size and both fierce enough to win this battle.What's your idea about the winner of this war?:-)
The majestic Panthera atrox or the mighty Smilodon populator?
Lokotunjailurus by Leogon
A L. emageritus stalking prey,somewhere in African Miocene Savannah.
Lokotunjailurus is an extinct genus of saber-toothed cats (Machairodontinae) which existed in Kenya and Chad during the Miocene epoch.The type species L. emageritus was documented by Lars Werdelin based on fossils found at the Lothagam site in Kenya. He described it as a large felid with an extremely long claw on one digit. He named the genus from the Turkana word for "cat" and the species from the word for "claw". Werdelin considered L. emageritus to be similar to Homotherium in dentition and to represent a basal member of Homotherini.(…)
I reconstructed this amazing cat in Artrage4 and PS CC2014.I hope you like it:-)
Equus simplicidens by Leogon
Equus simplicidens
An E.simplicidens or Hagerman horse in the plains of Pleistocene North America.
The Hagerman horse (Equus simplicidens), also called the Hagerman zebra or the American zebra, was a North American species of equid from the Pliocene epoch and the Pleistocene epoch. It was one of the oldest horses of the genus Equus. Discovered in 1928 in Hagerman. It is the state fossil of Idaho.
The Hagerman horse first appeared about 3.5 million years ago. It was approximately 110-145 centimeters (43 to 57 inches) tall at the shoulder. It weighed between 110 and 385 kilograms (385 to 847 pounds). An average Hagerman horse was about the same size as an Arabian horse. It also was relatively stocky with a straight shoulder and thick neck, like a zebra, and a short, narrow, donkey-like skull. The horse probably lived in grasslands and floodplains, which is what Hagerman was like 3 million years ago. Native North American horses went extinct about 10,000 years ago, at the same time as many other large-bodied species of the period.(…)
Teleoceras by Leogon
A T. proterum ,short-legged rhino, grazing in Miocene Florida marshlands.
Teleoceras is an extinct genus of grazing rhinoceros. It lived in North America and southwestern France during the Miocene epoch, which ended about 5.3 million years ago, through the early Pliocene epoch.Teleoceras had much shorter legs than modern rhinos, and a barrel chest, making its build more like that of a hippopotamus than a modern rhino. Like the hippo, it was probably also semi-aquatic. Teleoceras had a single small nasal horn. It was a quite heavy animal, reaching 1.81 tons in weight.(…).


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