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Stephanorhinus etruscus by Leogon
Stephanorhinus etruscus
Stephanorhinus is an extinct genus of rhinoceros native to northern Eurasia that lived during the Lower to Early Late Pleistocene epoch. It had two horns and was a relatively large rhino. It weighed over 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) and measured about 1.80 – 2 m tall and 3.20 – 4 m in length, having a size similar to a white rhino,yet it's considered as a gracile rhino. 
Pogonodon by Leogon
Pogonodon is an extinct genus of the family Nimravidae, subfamily Nimravinae endemic to North America and Eurasia during the Eocene-Miocene epochs (30.8—7.2 mya), existing for approximately 23.6 million years.
    A little known nimravid,‭ ‬Pogonodon seems to have had a wide distribution from the USA to the Ukraine as well as existing for around twenty-three and half million years.‭ ‬This suggests that Pogonodon would have been one of the most successful genera of nimravidae so far known.
Some authors synonimized it with Dinictis.It was the size of a little leopard.
The reconstruction is done by PS CS6 and Artrage4 and I hope you like it.:-)
Aceratherium incisivum by Leogon
Aceratherium incisivum
Aceratherium was a genus of hornless rhinoceros-as the name indicates- of the tribe Aceratheriinae endemic to Africa and Eurasia from the Oligocene to Pliocene, living 33.9—3.4 mya, existing for approximately 30.5 million years. It reached 2.3 m  in length, a height of about 120 cm and a weight of nearly 1 ton.(…)

Reconstruction Made by PS CS6.
Thanks for your comments and critiques in advance.:-)
Hippidion by Leogon
Hippidion has been considered a descendant of pliohippines, horses that migrated into the South American continent around 2.5 million years ago. However, recent analysis of the DNA of Hippidion and other New World Pleistocene horses supports the novel hypothesis that Hippidion is actually a member of the living genus Equus, with a particularly close relationship to the wild horse, Equus ferus.It stood approximately 1.4 metres (4.6 ft) high at the shoulders and resembled a donkey.Hippidion and other South American horses went extinct approximately 8,000 years ago.(…).
The reconstruction here is on the basis of a skeleton photo and alteration has been made whenever necessary.
Animal is created by Artrage 4,adjusted by PS CS6, and introduced into the back and foreground adopted from a photo.
I hope you enjoy this:-)
Dwarf mammoths by Leogon
Dwarf mammoths
A pair of Mammuthus exilis or dwarf mammoth or pygmy mammoths,have came to waterhole to escape the hot summer day.
The pygmy mammoth or Channel Islands mammoth (Mammuthus exilis) is an extinct species of dwarf elephant descended from the Columbian mammoth (M. columbi) of mainland North America. This species went extinct during the Quaternary extinction event in which many megafauna species went extinct due to changing conditions to which the species could not adapt. A case of island or insular dwarfism, from a recent analysis in 2010 it was determined that M. exilis was on average, 1.72 m (5.6 ft) tall at the shoulders and 760 kg (1,680 lb) in weight. A stark contrast to its 4.3 m (14 ft) tall, 9,100 kg (20,100 lb) ancestor.(…)

The animals are made by Artrage 4,based on two skeleton picturs with some alterations.the whole pic is unified and adjusted in PS CS6, and the work took a hell of time to be completed!
I hope you like it and don't hesitate to help me by your critiques:-)
Today,I celebrate my 400th watcher!! not a bad "friends list" in less than 2 years...I really feel honored to be beside you,a member of Great DA!:D


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